Are you a ‘QUALITY’ Auditor?

The Q in Quality stands for Questioning. As a good auditor, not only should you be asking the appropriate questions, you need to also have the right technique in asking questions.

These are my 10 tips below….

  1. Be clear why you are asking the question; what is it you are hoping to achieve?
  2. Be prepared to explain why you are asking that question
  3. Be prepared to rephrase or expand a question if the initial answer you receive is not what you want
  4. Consider who you are speaking to and modify your vocabulary and tone of voice appropriately
  5. Use open questions (Kipling’s six serving men – What, Why, When, How, Where and Who – and show me) to probe and establish facts
  6. Avoid asking leading questions, e.g. ‘surely you do not do that…do you?’, or end up answering your own question!
  7. Closed questions are useful for verifying e.g. ‘So you completed the URS before starting the DQ?’
  8. Ensure the auditee understands the question. Look out for blank or confused faces!
  9. Ask the same question, or similar, to different people to check for consistency in response
  10. And remember the power of silence.

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Written by: Sanjay Nadarajah, GMP/GDP Consultant