How to Achieve Total Quality Management (TQM)

This is how we would summarise Total Quality Management (TQM) – It’s all about the people!

1) Empower your personnel to take responsibility for what they do. Make them feel valued;

2) Involve the shop floor personnel to create the user requirement specification so you get exactly what you need;

3) Use validated systems that interface with other systems within the organization for seamless information transfer, security, accuracy of data and storage;

4) Management and process owners to identify optimized and logical ways of working;

5) Create a culture that always thinks about the risks, work together, document that risk and find ways to mitigate it;

6) One person does not have all the answers, work with others to find a pragmatic solution that is reasonably acceptable by all;

7) There is no gain without pain and change – we need to continually evolve;

8) Quality of life matters to all of us.

Written by: Sanjay Nadarajah, GMP/GDP Consultant